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Welcome to In Control, a shrine dedicated to the character Yuyuka Nekota from the manga Daytime Shooting Star (Hirunaka no Ryuusei) by Mika Yamamori, created as part of Bad Ass Bitches' Metamorphosis Challenge. (Included is a slight detour concerning Mami Shirakawa from Sugars, a series by the same mangaka. 8D I have no self-control when shrining.) The current layout was optimized for Chrome; fonts may not be displayed at their best in other browsers, namely Internet Explorer.

To me, Yuyuka is a very important character within the context of shoujo manga set in high school – not just on her own with her character arc and the messages it sends, but also in her role as a female best friend to the protagonist Suzume, and the way their relationship progresses as they affect each other with their growth. It's the combination of all these things that makes her stand out when compared to characters in similar roles across different series. Even her side story, a chapter in volume seven that retells some early developments from her perspective, stresses the importance of Suzume's part in her life. (I will refer to this chapter multiple times as I examine different aspects of Yuyuka; it is tremendous and it is my favourite.) Because it is not possible to talk about Yuyuka without also talking about Suzume, the relationship between the two girls – along with themes of growing up – makes up a major and equally important part of the shrine.

Note that there are unmarked spoilers all across the site. This shrine is a character study and as such explores Yuyuka's development throughout the series. Daytime Shooting Star isn't plot-heavy though, as is often the case with series of its genre, so the only major spoilers concern the realization of romantic relationships. The sections Firsts, Surface, Trivia, Review and, well, Site are all safe to read if you're interested in checking out the series yourself.

This shrine's content is based on the English translations provided by several scanlation groups, namely Evil Flowers, Silent Dream and Damn Feels, and Matteiru Scans for the side mention of Sugars. The German publication by KAZÉ (2014+) is consulted secondarily.

If there's anything you'd like to say about this dedication, I'd be delighted about any feedback in my guestbook! Thanks a lot for your visit.

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Daytime Shooting Star is a school life romance manga of twelve volumes and was first serialized in the shoujo manga magazine Margaret between 2011 and 2014. The plot sets off with Suzume Yosano, a 15-year-old girl from the countryside, having to leave her friends to move to Tokyo due to her father's new job, which forces him to go abroad. She starts living with her uncle, who she isn't close to, in an unfamiliar city and without friends to help her out. The only person she knows is the young man who lent her a hand when she got lost on the way to her uncle's... Turns out he's her homeroom teacher at the new school!

Suzume Yosano Protagonist. Country girl. Hopes to make new friends in the city. Daiki Mamura Classmate. Suzume's first friend at the new school. Satsuki Shishio Homeroom teacher. A close friend of Suzume's uncle.